Large Carpet freshener

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Large Carpet freshener
Large Carpet freshener
Large Carpet freshener

Our carpet fresheners are packaged In a huge 500g sprinkle pet jar and are made by ourselves at the smelly bakery hq in Garstang Lancashire.

What’s great about carpet freshener is it eliminates unwanted lingering odours that are embedded into your carpet without staining or damaging the carpet itself. Not only does it do that but it leaves your carpet and the whole room smelling lovely and fresh and clean and it’s so easy to use. It’s especially great for those who have pets.

Directions for use-
For those who haven’t used our carpet freshener before all you need to do is sprinkle the carpet freshener on your carpet and leave it for at least 30 minutes before hoovering it up. For best results we recommend leaving it longer than 30 minutes. How easy is that? Once you have used the carpet freshener your carpet will smell lovely and fresh. It also makes your hoover smell lovely too. 

Don't forget to keep your pot because we ate now offering offering a refill bag in our carpet fresheners which are 400g and come packaged in a compostable bag. All you need to do is choose your scent and fill your pot back up when yours is finished.

Our highly scented popular carpet fresheners come in a variety of scents so there is a scent perfect for everyone. Please see the list and descriptions below.


Perfume/aftershave inspired scents:

Black op eye um- Similar scent to the well known perfume. A floral scent containing notes of black coffee,white florals and vanilla for that added sweetness.

Creedance- A similar scent to the designer luxurious aftershave. It contains notes of blackcurrant,bergamot, Apple and birch.

Coco Madame- A similar scent to the Chanel perfume. A chypre accord opening with bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, green leaf, apple, plum, cassis and galbanum leading to a heart of jasmine, rose, lily, freesia, violet and gardenia with marine hints on a rich base of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, tonka and musks

English pear and freesia- A similar scent to the jo malone perfume. The sensuous freshness of ripe pears, wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias; mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden

Flower Explosion- A similar floral scent to the popular well known perfume. It has notes of sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid and ballerina freesia bloom on a base of patchouli.

Lime,basil and mandarin- A similar scent to the jo Malone perfume. Containing Top Notes of Lime, Mandarin orange and Bergamot.  Middle notes of Basil, Lilac, Iris and Thyme and bottom notes of Patchouli and Vetiver.

Fruity/sweet inspired scents:

Cherry and Marshmallow- A sweet cherry fragrance with hints of strawberry and notes of rich vanilla and creamy marshmallow to add extra sweetness.

Cherry slushie- A strong, sweet and tangy cherry fragrance similar to the sweet frozen drink.

Clementine and Prosecco- A sweet scent with juicy orange segments and floral notes.

Coco mango- An exotic sweet but refreshing scent combining coconut and mango with hints of vanilla. A perfect scent to remind us of summer.

Hawaiian Suntan- A fruity scent containing creamy coconut, passionfruit,guava,pineapple,banana and grapefruit. A reminiscent of Hawaiian tropics suntan lotion.

Rhubarb and custard- A strong sweet scent with accords of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard, a reminiscent of the famous red and yellow sweets.

Sherbet Lemon- A strong sweet scent similar to the well known sweets. It contains accords of juicy lemon and lime and a splash of sweet orange and hints of red fruits, strawberry and raspberry followed by a fizzy tongue twisting sherbet.

Snowy fairy- A similar fragrance to the lush type scent containing a combination of pear, cotton candy,vanilla and cherry. It’s a beautiful sweet scent similar to a bubblegum type scent.

Spiced blackberry jam- A strong fruity scent with blackberries and blackcurrant resting on a base of dried fruit and musks aswell as hints of cinnamon.

Relaxing inspired scents:

Coconut milk and lavender- A truly beautiful relaxing scent that you will fall in love with. It contains a blend of lavender with silky french vanilla infused with rich coconut milk and hints of musk.

Honey and lavender- A refreshing and relaxing lavender scent with topped notes of cool berries and warm honey.

Stress Relief- A reminiscent of a bath and body works scent. A scent that will relax you and help you think clearly. It contains blends of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils, lavender,sage,fresh ozone and dry down woods making a perfect relaxing and aromatherapy scent.

 Warming cashmere- An intoxicating sweet musk fragrance with notes of white orchid, jasmine and vanilla.

Laundry inspired scents:

Fairy laundry- A reminiscent of the fabric softener by fairy.

Fluffy towels- A fresh scent of clean and fluffy warm towels straight from the dryer. If you love are a lover of fresh laundry scents you’ll love this one.

Fresh scents:

Fresh mint and rhubarb- A crisp, zingy and fresh scent with stewed rhubarb and sweet notes of apple and pear freshened by mint leaves and hints of lemon.

Hibiscus beach and coconut water- A reminiscent of a crisp sea breeze with flora accords. It contains hibiscus and touches of rose, lily,freesia and jasmine with a refreshing splash of coconut water and touches of creamy sandalwood.

Seasonal inspired scents:

⭐️Christmas tree- a beautiful fragrance to help you get into the festive spirit. It has top notes of bergamot, lemon, white mint and grapefruit followed by mid notes of calone, clove leaf, thyme and dry notes of subtle woods, balsam, cedar, sandalwood on a base of fir needle.

Apple and cinnamon- A strong scent of red juicy mcintosh apple sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon sticks. A great warming scent for winter time.

Spiced pumpkin and coffee- A delicious scent that’s perfect for autumn time with notes of pumpkin,spice and creamy coffee.

Customer Reviews

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This smells so nice, it fragrances the whole house and a little went a long way.

Catherine Clarke
Great product

Arrived quickly and safely.
Easy to use and a lovely long-lasting fragrance.
Thank you.

Fantastic products.

All the ranges here are lovely will definitely be ordering online.


I have been buying the carpet fresheners from smelly bakery ever since they were first released and they truly are amazing. I have tried lots of the scents now and they all last really well and make the carpet and house smell fabulous. There’s so much choice and the carpet freshener refill option now available too is great. The smell lasts so well on the carpet and the tub goes a long way. It’s amazing how much of a difference it has made to the carpets. I one hundred percent recommend buying some. Thankyou so much the smelly bakery.

Delighted customer!
Fairy fresh!

I’m very pleased with the carpet freshener just a fairy sprinkle on the carpet has made a difference! I have 2 dogs so carpets tend to get a doggy smell ! The freshener has certainly helped!

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