The Smelly Bakery Ultimate Advent Calendar

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The Smelly Bakery Ultimate Advent Calendar

Get into the festive spirit and Countdown to Christmas with our fabulous ‘ The Smelly Bakery Ultimate Advent Calendar’

Our amazing huge advent calendar is back by popular demand and this year we have included a range of even more different products in it.
It contains a wide variety of our most popular products including-

⭐️Mini bath bombs-

Our mini bath bombs are one of our most popular bath bombs as even though they are our smallest they still look vibrant and also make the water colourful. Not only do they look amazing they smell amazing too. Your bathroom will smell great after using one.
They will leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth. What is great about the bath bombs is they will never stain your bath either and they are great fun for everyone of all ages.
The mini bath bombs in the calendar will include amazing colourful Christmas shapes such as the famous gingerbread man to get you into the Christmas spirit. You really won’t be disappointed.

⭐️Whipped body washes-
Whipped body wash can be used in the bath or shower. It’s another form of a soap but a scoopable kind. It can also be used as a shaving cream and shampoo. You only need a tiny bit to whip up a good lather. It’s jam packed with kaolin clay which is great for so many things including removing impurities, an exfoliator and is great for absorbing excess oil from the skin and preventing breakouts as well as much more. It is also anti bacterial. They leave your skin feeling so soft and smelling lovely.

⭐️Bubble bars-
Bubble bars work slightly different to bath bombs as they create bubbles on top of the water whereas bath bombs create a fizz under/on the surface of the water. To use just crumble the bubble bar under a hot water running tap as your bath is filling up. You will see the bar starts to melt slowly in your hand and fluffy luscious bubbles will start to appear as well as the scent. Once you have done this give the water a swish around to help the bits dissolve that haven’t already and this also helps to create more bubbles.

⭐️Body bombs-
Our gorgeous body bombs will exfoliate your skin and leave it silky smooth.
To use - Simply hold your shower bomb under the running water and watch as it explodes in a beautiful lather. Just rub the bomb over your skin, ensuring the water hits it to keep it foam. Your skin will smell and feel amazing.

⭐️Lip balms-
Lip balms provide an occlusive layer on the lip surface which helps to seal moisture on the lips protecting them from external exposure such as wind,sun and cold temperatures. All of these draw moisture away from the lips which is why it’s so important to protect your lips from exposure and dryness. Our lip balms are great for looking after your lips and will help your lips feel moisturised and great in no time during the cold festive season.

⭐️Bath Dusts-
Our bath dusts work the same as our bath bombs the only difference is this comes in a dust form instead. What is great about that is you don’t have to use it all at once and can sprinkle in as little or as much as you like in at once. It leaves the bath water a fabulous colour and leaves your skin smelling amazing.

Our soaps give a great lather on use and are perfect for use in the bath and shower or for washing your hands. Your skin will feel squeaky clean and smelling amazing as well as feeling so smooth after using our soaps.

What is great about our advent calendar is every item included in it is hand made by us here at the smelly bakery hq and most items are packaged individually in compostable packaging making it environmentally friendly too. It is also cruelty free and vegan friendly making it suitable for everyone. It’s a great fun advent calendar for all ages.

What is better than adding some festive sparkle in the run up to Christmas and opening a door every day, seeing the surprise of what fabulous product you get each day (24 doors in total) The final door has the perfect product suitable for Christmas Eve. The anticipation each day of what you will get is so much fun.
Will you use your product each day or let your collection build up? What’s great about the products is they don’t need to be used straight away, they have a best before date of a year.

Our calendar is bursting with so much colour and so many different fragrances too. The products in the calendar are worth a lot more individually than you pay too so it’s great value for money too. It’s a must have!

Why not make the countdown to Christmas even more magical and treat yourself or a bath bomb lover to our amazing advent calendar.
You really don’t want to miss this. It’s perfect for a smelly bakery fan 🎁

It’s a must have this Christmas!

Please note we have limited stock on these so if you don’t want to miss out we would recommend you order one as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

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